Premium Resaw blade 3/4" X 105" 2 tooth hook

Premium Resaw blade 3/4" X 105" 2 tooth hook
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This is our premium resaw blade. If your saw seems underpowered using the three tooth blades try this one. Customers have reported that they seem to have a new bandsaw using this tooth pattern. This is a 3/4" X 105" X 2 tooth hook pattern for fast, easy re-sawing. Made from M.K. Morse stock, hard edge flex back stock. Will fit the following saws with riser blocks: Rockwell 14", all current 14" Delta's, Powermatic PWBS-14CS, Jet JWBS-14. Fits the Inca 710 three wheel without a riser. I'm sure it will fit other brands also. Shipping on this item is free via USPS or UPS. I do combine shipping wherever possible. I do ship internationally. Just email me and I will quote shipping to your country.

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