Molding cutter, 3pc, Panel door coper knife set

Molding cutter, 3pc, Panel door coper knife set
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This is item #CC30MK. This is a steel 3-wing molding cutter set. This set will cut the end copes on the door frame rail section. This is the matching set used with the CC29MK kinves. The knives mount in the MHK25 head for a 5/8" table or radial arm saw, or the MHK75 6" head for the table/radial saw. The mounting slot for the head is 23/32" wide. These may also work in other manufacturers heads. These can be sharpened by hand on a water stone or oil stone. Just a few passes on the flat face of the cutter. Shipping on this item is free via USPS or UPS. I do ship internationally. Just email me and I will quote shipping to your country.
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