Molding cutter, 3pc, 3 bead molding knife set

Molding cutter, 3pc, 3 bead molding knife set
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This is item #CC23MK. This is a steel 3-wing molding cutter set. This set will cut three 1/4" beads in one pass. The actual radius is .120. The knives mount in the MHK25 head for a 5/8" table or radial arm saw, or the MHK75 6" head for the table/radial saw. The mounting slot for the head is 23/32" wide. These may also work in other manufacturers heads. These can be sharpened by hand on a water stone or oil stone. Just a few passes on the flat face of the cutter. Shipping on this item is free via USPS or UPS. I do ship internationally. Just email me and I will quote shipping to your country.
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